Realizing that I got my indoor cycling Schwinn certification back in to officially become a spinning instructor, this review is long, schwinn spin instructor certification overdue! I want to share are casimba live chat your experience with you today to help those interested in the Schwinn certification know what to expect.

For background, I passed my ACE Fitness group exercise certification test inand started teaching strength and step, plus subbing spin classes every once in a blue moon. Inone of my gyms needed a new permanent instructor for an evening spin class, and I jumped at the opportunity. The only caveat: I needed to get a spinning certification. Every gym has a different policy — some need just a general group exercise certification and others have more specific requirements.

I had taken a couple Schwinn classes at the SCW Mania convention that same year, and had already fallen in love with the brand. With that in mind, I knew I wanted to take a Schwinn certification course. She was truly authentic and genuine, which is rare in this industry. I give major props to Schwinn for how they select their master instructors. They are some go to page the best in the biz and will get you pumped to be teaching spin classes.

Overall, the training was great. I was nervous about taking the class with a bunch of really experienced schwinn spin instructor certification, but the class was much more schwinn spin instructor certification than I schwinn spin instructor certification. There are people that have never a single class before, and there are others that have been teaching for decades.

Then, we talked through class planning, cueing, music and motivation. This next one is for me, because I love it! Of schwinn spin instructor certification, we also did two rides throughout the day to and experience what we were learning. As you can probably tell, I loved getting my Schwinn certification to officially become a spinning instructor, and I would recommend it to anyone interested in teaching.

I can say that my experience with Schwinn and as a spinning instructor has been excellent. Since I already had a class lined up, I was able to dive right in to teaching, and have made the money back that it cost to take the course. Participants are able to get more introspective, so we can tap into personalized, goal-oriented motivational cues.

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