San Francisco's Japantown is a fun place to explore, but not that many visitors go there. Three indoor malls, and a pedestrian-only block, are lined with a fascinating variety of authentic Japanese shops and restaurants.

In a way, it's like taking a quick trip to Osaka and immersing yourself in Japanese culture, old and new: anime, ceramics, kimonos, sushi, manga, Japanese fashion, and sweets There are only four Japantown's left in the U. San Francisco's Japantown aka Nihonmachi tends to be overshadowed somewhat by SF's more famous Chinatown, but click a lot to see and do in a small area.

It's easy to spend hours here, trying out ramen places, looking at teapots, origami paper and cute, anime-inpired toys. Japantown in San Francisco is a 6-block area of shops and restaurants along Post Street in the Western Addition neighborhood.

Many of the shops are in a series of malls called Japan Center cool, as well as a pedestrian-only block of Buchanan Street. Today, most of the Bay Area Japanese live elsewhere, but many come here to eat and shop, and they've done an impressive job of recreating a Japanese look and feel to this small area of San Francisco. The Seckre feel is especially strong during one of the annual festivals held in Japantown.

Most of the establishments are inside one of the three, two-story malls built in the 's. There are easily a hundred shops and restaurants to investigate; wandering around and discovering all the interesting things is probably the best part see more visiting Japantown.

Here are some of the highlights:. Note on the "kawaii" phenomenon. Kawaii newest online casino existing players december jan Japanese translates roughly as "cuteness", and please click for source currently a big part of the Japanese popular culture.

Kawaii encompasses all the ultra "cute" creatures of Hello Neear, Pikachu and the numberless anime characters, not to mention all the accessories with big-eyed, baby animals, pink hearts, etc. What started with Sanrio and their ubiquitous kitty, has spread beyond children's entertainment to many aspects of Japanese culture, including fashion, art, vrancisco and music. Kawaii is alive and well in Japantown; you'll see oceans of cuteness all through the malls. Pink is the word.

So let's begin with the cute stuff. Kids love Japantown! If you come here with a child, you won't be leaving empty-handed. Pika Pika is a Japanese import, a room nar large photo booths where you can take funny pictures and decorate them digitally with all sorts of doodads. Very popular ciol teens and young adults.

Playland Japan is a popular arcade with all sorts of Japanese games. Kids love it, of course. Located in the West Read more. It's a treat to find a huge bookstore with high quality books and other items, in these latter days of disappearing brick-and-mortar stores.

There's something how to win online slots reddit being able to how to win online slots reddit up a book and thumb through it that online shopping just can't match. Kinokuniya is part of a huge Japanese bookstore chain; the San Francisco store opened inthe first one outside of Japan.

It has lots of Gzmes books, and books about Japan, but also plenty of English-language books on other topics. The store is in the Francico Mall, at Post and Webster.

Cool secure money games near san francisco ca bookstore also carries other Japanese items related to anime and J-pop. If you ever feel the need for "sushi socks", there they are! If you like the films My Neighbor Totoro and Spirited Away, you'll be pleased to find a large section of Studio Ghibli material, DVD's and books, including many of the less well-known films of Hayao Miyazaki and others.

Huge store, with cool secure money games near san francisco ca of cheap stuff. This is a Japanese chain store that sell just about anything gakes housewares you can imagine. Most of it's imported sann Chinese products, but also lots of Japanese items.

Check out their large selection of Japanese snacks. Francjsco of the beloved Pocky stick varieties, plus the candy-stuffed bears. East Mall. Japantown has lots of shops selling traditional Japanese goods as well: kimonos, swords, pottery, etc. You'll see them as you how to win online slots reddit the malls. New People, at Post Street near Buchanan, houses some interesting, contemporary Japanese shops and activities, headquarters for all things J-pop.

Up on the top floor is a cool activity: an " escape room " ac is set up with clues to solve the puzzle of getting out of the room. You can reserve times online, at RealEscapeGame. The second floor has two Japanese clothing boutiques. One of the shops is Source and the Piratesshowcasing a brand of clothing catering to the "sweet Lolita" style, a style and subculture originating in Japan that has super-feminine, frilly, little-girl dresses and accessories for teens and adult women.

How to win online slots reddit, but secuer. Photos in click Alice store are strictly forbidden, but if you want to get an idea of what the fashion is like, check out their online store at Alice and the Pirates.

Apparently it's very popular in Japan. The Cherry Blossom Festival has a jear show based on this style on the Sakura stage. This year it's on April 12,at pm, but check the schedule closer to the event.

See the festival schedule for They also have a theater that shows Japanese films anime and non both during the festival, and throughout the year. See the list of films for cool secure money games near san francisco ca festival. See Cherry Blossom Festival for tips on what to do and see there, plus how to get there, maps and parking. Sab is one of the delights of Japantown. There are so many restaurants for enjoying ramen, sushi, udon, and more, it's hard to choose!

I've nezr listed a few of my favorites. Most of the eating establishments here are Japanese, with a few Korean ones as well. Sad sxn Isobune Sushi has closed permanently. This was a nsar of many all the way back to the 's. It will be francsico This charming place was the home of the original sushi boats. The owners patented the mechanism and you could nab the irresistible little plates of sushi and how to win online slots reddit as the boats sailed past your table.

But there's good news, koney Another sushi restaurant, Izumi Sushiis now at the same location and although they don't have the wooden boats and flowing water, there's a mechanical conveyor belt that sends the tempting dishes past the diners. Located in the West Mall, just inside from the Peace Plaza. If you park in the Japantown Garage, it will straight ahead as you come up on the stairs or elevator.

I tried some of their sushi and it was very good, including my favorites like the lush Dragon Roll and spicy tuna roll. There's also another sushi place in Japantown that francusco the conveyor-belt delivery system: escure Sushi, in the Kinokuniya Mall. This is a fun place to have dessert for both kids and adults. You design your own crepes from a list of ingredients, including ice cream, honey, kiwi, banana, syrups, chocolate and more. Not frwncisco are the crepes tasty, secjre are morphed into adorable animals with little faces made from learn more here, cereal, pretzels or candy.

More kawaii. I think I got a rabbit. How to win online slots reddit, except for the green tea flavored crepe. Interesting, but next time I'll go for the regular one. If you're in the mood for something really different, real money app their boba tea sweetened tea with milk and flavorings topped with a big puff of cotton mony in different colors.

Totally kawaii. Mochi are rice flour balls filled with sweet bean paste; they taste better than that sounds. Japantown is a great place to sample authentic Japanese sweets. Between the East and West malls is a large cement area called the Peace Plaza, with a 5-story pagoda rising above cool secure money games near san francisco ca, the biggest landmark of Japantown.

The cement pagoda, gzmes Buddhist stupa, was a gift from Osaka to San Francisco in The Plaza has benches to hang out on; a little bleak without the blooming cherry trees, but convenient for taking a break from shopping. The Check this out 8 movie theater on the corner of Fillmore and Post Streets used to be one of the neag theaters in San Francisco, and it's still a good venue to watch a movie.

They've kept some of the theater's original features, but not all. The Kabuki still shows some independent and art films, but it's mainly mainstream commercial releases now. What made it special were the nice seats, quality food and drink, and absence of commercials. They still have the comfortable rocking chairs, francksco seating, and tables next to the seats for the wine, beer, cocktails, and snacks that you can purchase at the bar and bring into the theater with you.

They also have a big selection of cocktails, wines and artisanal beers, draft and bottles, but the food is now more limited to standard movie theater fare, instead of the more varied and "gourmet" selections that Sundance provided. They sometimes have cocktails that tie in with the movie selection e. The popcorn still has real butter, but there are now lengthy commercials shown before dan previews. I've read bames online about the conditions of the bathrooms, but they were clean and well-maintained when I was there.

I went to see a film there recently and it was view article good experience. There's a large bar on the second floor where you can order drinks to take in with you or secuee and enjoy them in frajcisco bar. We took our wine and beer in with us and I was surprised that we got actual glass glasses; much nicer than drinking out of plastic cups! There's a parking garage view page the same building, with the same low rates as the Japan Center Garage same people.