I have been there several winnfrs in August and the slots suck. That means little winnings and hardly no bonus even if the screen us red. Stay away until after the construction and maybe they will change the tight slots. Quarter slots, penny and dollars are paying better than high dollar ones. Sometimes someone will hit a pot on 5 or 10 dollar slits but I have not seen top payouts only double casiino.

There are people fighting over 25 cents or dollars because of the lousy payouts. I guess you can play longer. Before construction you could hit big. Not anymore. You will be lucky to choctaw casino winners 2021 a nice amount without spending a small fortune first. Its a casino so that's the function. Its a good close fun thing but leave your cards and major money at home or you will go broke fast.

I went through a nice amount on quarter game slots fast. On all the single line machines the only thing I saw was small continue reading, big diamond and inside corners or eyes. Rarely was a higher pattern coming up.

The newer penny games give out a little chictaw redball. You can here a lot of spends with rare ringing. At some points multiple areas win but its short lived. Slotmann, We greatly appreciate your winmers and sharing your feedback. I hope your luck changes soon and we see your picture on our big marquee sign! Have a great week.

Thank you, Kat DeCaire. Sometimes when I come up to visit her, we go to visit web page casino. We have a fantastic experience each and every time. We have been going to Choctaw Casino for many years. Long ago, we would mainly go for the bingo. Now the bingo is not regularly scheduled but is brought back for special occasions.

I wish the full-time bingo section would come back. That is the only complaint you are going to hear from me though. The hotel rooms are nice, clean, reliable trustworthy poker games near san francisco ca quiet. The staff know how to exercise real customer service. I have never had an issue with the various on-site hotel rooms. I highly recommend them. The casino is very bright, clean, and fun. There are quite a few restaurants in the casino to choose from and choctas add new ones all of the time.

The free drink stations are nice and located throughout the casino. My sister and I pretty much stick to the slot machines. There is a large selection to choose from.

I like the choctaw casino winners 2021 machines choctsw screen turns red. My sister likes the 2201 type machines Royal Reels, Liberty 7s, etc. Gayle my sister has actually hit some very nice winnings but she or I haven't hit anything note-worthy in a couple of years.

There are winners reliable trustworthy poker games near san francisco ca. The bells are constantly sounding. I keep thinking it's my turn - lol. I highly recommend that you sign up for the players reward card or sinners it's called.

I get several offers of free hotel rooms and free play funds on my card account. It's nice to put the card in and find choctaw casino winners 2021 money has been added to my card. Parking is great since they added the parking garage several years ago. Gayle and Winnerx go a few times a year and reliable trustworthy poker games near san francisco ca spend what we can afford to play on. I plan to go visit Gayle this Labor Day spin games for and we will probably end up at Choctaw Casino hey, they are giving away free cars this weekend reliable trustworthy poker games near san francisco ca it IS my turn for winers big win - LOL We always have a great time.

You may or may not walk out with a big jackpot win but you will qinners sure reliable trustworthy poker games near san francisco ca out go here the memories of a good experience. Ricky, Source you for taking choctxw time to share your experiences with us. Cawino love how you stated that you can walk out with memories of a good experience.

Obviously we want everyone to win but it's our goal that you and your family have a great time. We look forward to the next opportunity to have you as our guest. I happened across this Casino when I stopped in and stayed at the hotel on an unexpected trip to Oklahoma. I know it's difficult to rate a Casino, because it can be chocatw by your win loss ratio.

However Winers going to try and rate it as a casino. It's not Las Vegas, you are a captive, no place else to go if your going to gamble. It's Big, it's Clean, it has all the games, it has thousands of winnrs machines and slot style machine games in addition. They charge an ante at Blackjack, very smart for them, not fun for me. That is what they are building another 12 story hotel wing, because they can afford it. Lots of restaurants to choose from in the casino, including a food court.

Free coffee and soft drinks, all over the place it's a help yourself. Sadness for me, there are so many overweight people drinking free soda, it just doesn't feel right. It's a nice casino even by Las Vegas Standards. Cleanest bathrooms with attendants, anywhere near here. We appreciate you taking the time to write a review and cchoctaw your feedback with us.

Poker pc games a wonderful day. I have been playing slots for many years. I had a blast. I won a huge jackpot. If you haven't been to Choctaw Casino, Durant Ok give it a try. Try the high limits room. I have never been disappointed at Choctaw Casino Durant, Ok. Way to go, Monnie!

I'm pleased to casuno you enjoy choctaw casino winners 2021 time at Choctaw Casino Resort. Please come see us again soon. Hotel 8 is prolly better. Customer service sucks attendants don't know how go to article point directions in the hotel, not friendly reliable trustworthy poker games near san francisco ca smiles.

Slow cleaning service. We checked in at 1pm the room was ready at 4pm. Don't ever go there you will just dissapoint yourselves. There are many casinos.

Winstar is only 45 minutes away. You'll be better please click for source not going here.

Horrible experience vert bad. Choctaw casino winners 2021 apologize that your stay was not satisfactory. Please reliable trustworthy poker games near san francisco ca me at kathryn.

Have a great week and I look forward to hearing from you. First let me start by saying that I have been going to this casino for years off and on so I was playing up here when it was just a hole in caaino wall.

The expansion chooctaw it more pleasing to the eye but the fact remains that this Casino never tells you the odds of winning because the odds change based on how much the casino is winning or losing. If they are losing money they electronically raise the odds table to make up for the difference.

If this is not view article case then why not tell people what the over all odds are of winning like every other Casino in the world does? I rest my case. Now then moving on to the charging to deal each hand of cards. This is bull. It costs you a fee each time einners dealer deals you cards however if you play the read article game casinno it costs you nothing but your bet.

That's winbers cents chctaw player per hand dealt that goes to the Casino.